STVV in VM 03/08/16

Een krantenartikel gelezen? Een reportage in een magazine of op tv?
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Re: STVV in VM 03/08/16

Berichtdoor lindoke » 07 Okt 2016, 18:13

CharltonFan schreef:CharltonFan asking for help.....

We are trying to track down Thomas Driesen - does anyone know him? - we've been told its not his real name ? A reward is being offered for any information.

Also, what is the relationship like between Duchatelet and Mayor Veerle Heeren ? Are they friends or enemies?

Dank je.

The whereabouts of TD are not known to me. I just posted some time ago a piece that was published in a magazine where TD was mentioned as someone who "helps" with playertransfers but who works completely behind the scenes. I think no one here at this forum knows who this guy is.

As for Veerle Heeren, I don't know if they are friends or not, but it's a fact that she's mayor of Sint-Truiden so she's a politician and it's also a fact that Duchatelet tried years ago to launch his own political party which was a complete disaster.

Also a fact is that this man is intertwined in politics for his own gain. Good example is how he was able to buy al the grounds surrounding the stadion to put a shopping centre and appartments.

Professionaliteit: het deskundig, op een kwalitatief goede manier uitoefenen van een beroep door de beroepskracht.

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Re: STVV in VM 03/08/16

Berichtdoor CharltonFan » 17 Okt 2016, 22:42

Just want to let you guys know that we had another protest game at The Valley last Saturday v Coventry where the game was interrupted for 7 minutes by 3000 pigs being thrown on the pitch.

However, the real talking point is that one of our younger fans was assaulted by a 'steward' AFTER the game outside our main West Stand - this was perpetrated by one of Katrien Meire's personal security staff who are employed to look after her because of the unrest with the supporters. ... 1261103104

How do you think about a St Truiden resident who employs thugs and violent staff intent on physically assaulting our young fans ?
We are disgusted that this could happen at our club, a family club, where nothing like this has ever happened before.
This has further soured the (non) relationship between Duchatelet/Meire and the fanbase to breaking point where our fans (who had done nothing more than wave a N Korea flag during the game- because thats how we feel about the regime here) are being attacked by thugs outside our own ground.

We are absolutely disgusted by all things Belgian at the moment.

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Re: STVV in VM 03/08/16

Berichtdoor Jack » 17 Okt 2016, 22:57

Yip, that's how we roll in Belgium!

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Re: STVV in VM 03/08/16

Berichtdoor Jacques » 18 Okt 2016, 09:25

CharltonFan schreef:We are absolutely disgusted by all things Belgian at the moment.

You just had the bad luck of encountering 2 of our lesser specimens.

"We zijn ver van huis en van de oorspronkelijke bedoeling van voetbal ... als zo weinig mogelijk investeren en zoveel mogelijk profiteren de trend wordt." Hans Vandeweghe

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